CompTIA Security+ Exam 2021 SY0-601 Practice Test Online

CompTIA Security+ Exam 2021 SY0-601 Practice Test Online

Since the English version of CompTIA Security+ certification SY0-501 exam has been retired, candidates need to take SY0-601 exam to complete their CompTIA Security plus certification. SY0-601 practice test from ITExamShop are online to provide actual exam questions with the verified answers. Candidates who use the CompTIA Security+ certification SY0-601 practice test questions can be ensured that they can pass CompTIA Security+ Exam 2021. There are 396 practice exam questions and answers in ITExamShop SY0-601 pdf file. Just read SY0-601 exam questions and try to understand and memorize them all to make sure you can answer actual CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 exam smoothly.

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1. Joe, a user at a company, clicked an email link led to a website that infected his workstation. Joe, was connected to the network, and the virus spread to the network shares. The protective measures failed to stop this virus, and It has continues to evade detection.

Which of the following should administrator implement to protect the environment from this malware?

2. A security administrator has noticed unusual activity occurring between different global instances and workloads and needs to identify the source of the unusual traffic.

Which of the following log sources would be BEST to show the source of the unusual traffic?

3. Which of the following would be BEST to establish between organizations that have agreed cooperate and are engaged in early discussion to define the responsibilities of each party, but do not want to establish a contractually binding agreement?

4. A security analyst is reviewing a penetration-testing report from a third-party contractor. The penetration testers used the organization's new API to bypass a driver to perform privilege escalation on the organization's web servers. Upon looking at the API, the security analyst realizes the particular API call was to a legacy system running an outdated OS.

Which of the following is the MOST likely attack type?

5. A website developer is working on a new e-commerce website and has asked an information security expert for the most appropriate way to store credit card numbers to create an easy reordering process.

Which of the following methods would BEST accomplish this goal?

6. An organization is developing an authentication service for use at the entry and exit ports of country borders. The service will use data feeds obtained from passport systems, passenger manifests, and high-definition video feeds from CCTV systems that are located at the ports. The service will incorporate machine-learning techniques to eliminate biometric enrollment processes while still allowing authorities to identify passengers with increasing accuracy over time. The more frequently passengers travel, the more accurately the service will identify them.

Which of the following biometrics will MOST likely be used, without the need for enrollment? (Choose two.)

7. An organization is concerned that its hosted web servers are not running the most updated version of the software.

Which of the following would work BEST to help identify potential vulnerabilities?

8. A Chief Security Officer (CSO) was notified that a customer was able to access confidential internal company files on a commonly used file-sharing service. The file-sharing service is the same one used by company staff as one of its approved third-party applications. After further investigation, the security team

determines the sharing of confidential files was accidental and not malicious. However, the CSO wants to implement changes to minimize this type of incident from reoccurring but does not want to impact existing business processes.

Which of the following would BEST meet the CSO's objectives?

9. A company is adopting a BYOD policy and is looking for a comprehensive solution to protect company information on user devices.

Which of the following solutions would BEST support the policy?

10. A financial organization has adopted a new secure, encrypted document-sharing application to help with its customer loan process. Some important PII needs to be shared across this new platform, but it is getting blocked by the DLP systems.

Which of the following actions will BEST allow the PII to be shared with the secure application without compromising the organization’s security posture?


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