CompTIA Project+ Exam Updated PK0-004 Practice Questions Are Available

CompTIA Project+ Exam Updated PK0-004 Practice Questions Are Available

Recently, we have updated PK0-004 practice questions to help you complete CompTIA Project+ exam. Compared with the retired PK0-004 exam questions, new PK0-004 practice questions are more accurate for helping you manage smaller, less complex projects as part of their other job duties but still have foundational project management skills. The updated version contains 574 exam questions and answers. You need to read all these PK0-004 practice exam questions with the verified answers carefully to make sure you can answer actual exam smoothly.

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1. Which of the following metrics demonstrates to a project manager if a project is overspending or underspending?

2. The PMO is responsible for: (Choose two.)

3. When a risk event occurs, which of the following documents is BEST suited for recording and tracking new items corresponding to the risk?

4. A project team member highlights to the project manager that expensive licensing for critical software in use across the project may expire before the completion project.

Which of the following would the project manager MOST likely do?

5. Which of the following roles has approval authority for project funding?

6. A project in the execution phase is over budget, and tasks on the critical path are on schedule.

Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?

7. A project manager received a change request, immediately documented the required changes, and evaluated the impact of and justification for the changes.

Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?

8. new stakeholder has been added to a project with a BAG of $850,000. The stakeholder has raised five change requests to the CCB; two of them have been approved, and three are awaiting initial review.

Considering the project has a CPI of 0.89 and an SPI of 1.14, and the approved ones will be implemented, which of the following should the project manager do LAST?

9. In a project with a of $235,000, the CPI is 0.80, and the SPI is 1.20. Based on this information, which of the following can the key stakeholders determine about the project?

10. The project manager of a global project constantly receives complaints from individuals at another location that some team members are not available after lunch on Fridays. This is acceptable to the project manager.

Which of the following factors is the MOST likely cause for this scenario?


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