CompTIA CAS-004 Study Guide PDF Updated [July 2022] For Passing CompTIA CASP+ CAS-004 Exam

CompTIA CAS-004 Study Guide PDF Updated [July 2022] For Passing CompTIA CASP+ CAS-004 Exam

To all, the CompTIA CAS-004 study guide pdf of ITExamShop has been updated for passing your CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) exam. Choosing the updated CompTIA CAS-004 study guide pdf is the best way to get yourself prepared for the CAS-004 CompTIA CASP+ exam confidently. You can try using ITExamShop CAS-004 study guide and start learning the latest CAS-004 exam questions and answers. With the use of ITExamShop CAS-004 exam questions, you will be fully prepared for the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CompTIA CASP+) CAS-004 exam to pass on the very first attempt.

CompTIA CASP+ Certification CAS-004 Free Demo Questions Are Below For Checking

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1. A shipping company that is trying to eliminate entire classes of threats is developing an SELinux policy to ensure its custom Android devices are used exclusively for package tracking.

After compiling and implementing the policy, in which of the following modes must the company ensure the devices are configured to run?

2. During a system penetration test, a security engineer successfully gained access to a shell on a Linux host as a standard user and wants to elevate the privilege levels.

Which of the following is a valid Linux post-exploitation method to use to accomplish this goal?

3. A security analyst is reviewing network connectivity on a Linux workstation and examining the active TCP connections using the command line.

Which of the following commands would be the BEST to run to view only active Internet connections?

4. A security engineer was auditing an organization’s current software development practice and discovered that multiple open-source libraries were Integrated into the organization’s software. The organization currently performs SAST and DAST on the software it develops.

Which of the following should the organization incorporate into the SDLC to ensure the security of the open-source libraries?

5. A vulnerability analyst identified a zero-day vulnerability in a company’s internally developed software. Since the current vulnerability management system does not have any checks for this vulnerability, an engineer has been asked to create one.

Which of the following would be BEST suited to meet these requirements?

6. A junior developer is informed about the impact of new malware on an Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) CPU, and the code must be fixed accordingly. Based on the debug, the malware is able to insert itself in another process memory location.

Which of the following technologies can the developer enable on the ARM architecture to prevent this type of malware?

7. A security analyst is concerned that a malicious piece of code was downloaded on a Linux system. After some research, the analyst determines that the suspected piece of code is performing a lot of input/output (I/O) on the disk drive.

Based on the output above, from which of the following process IDs can the analyst begin an investigation?

8. Which of the following is a benefit of using steganalysis techniques in forensic response?

9. A developer wants to maintain integrity to each module of a program and ensure the code cannot be altered by malicious users.

Which of the following would be BEST for the developer to perform? (Choose two.)

10. A Chief Information Officer is considering migrating all company data to the cloud to save money on expensive SAN storage.

Which of the following is a security concern that will MOST likely need to be addressed during migration?


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