Come to Read CRT-550 Free Questions To Check Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Exam Questions

Come to Read CRT-550 Free Questions To Check Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Exam Questions

There are three classes for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant certification as listed:

  • Build and Analyze Customer Journeys using Marketing Cloud (MKT101)
  • Link Your Salesforce Data using Marketing Cloud Connect (MCC201)
  • Prepare for your Marketing Cloud Consultant Exam (CRT550)

CRT-550 Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant Exam is a great step in your career and become a Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant. To help you be successful in actual CRT-550 exam, we have the CRT-550 exam questions can be your good learning materials. CRT-550 Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Exam Questions cover the details of the lessons and topics. In this way, we have full confidence to ensure that you can pass the actual CRT-550 exam smoothly.

Come to read CRT-550 free questions to check the actual exam questions and answers

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1. A customer has three data extensions that need to be added to Contact Builder

* Customers contains customer information

* Orders contains order information

* Products contains product information

How should these data extensions be linked within an Attribute Group? Choose 2

2. What are the similarities between Automation Studio and Journey Builder?

3. A user in the MC wants to use salesforce custom object data for segmenting and personalization.

How should the consultant approach this requirement?

4. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is running a campaign for a brand new type of footwear inside Journey Builder. The entry event: Prevents contacts from entering the journey if "shoes" is not selected in their preferences.

Is based on a data extension which has Email Address as Primary Key.

A few weeks after launching the campaign, NTO's data analyst noticed a reduced email volume and that some contacts inside the data extension updated their preferences after the launch of the campaign. Even with the entry event being triggered every day, those contacts are not receiving the welcome emails.

What could be the reason?

5. An existing triggered send needs to be updated with new content

Select the correct sequence

6. What is the skill set you need to build emails with dynamic content?

7. A customer wants Sales Cloud users to create and send Marketing Cloud emails.

Which two recommendations should the consultant make? Choose 2 answers

8. A customer wants to automate the process of sending a series of welcome emails based on the Subscriber's data. Emails should be sent weekly for up to five weeks. If a subscriber makes a purchase, they should stop receiving welcome emails. A Boolean flag should be set in the data extension if the subscriber makes it through the welcome series.

Which steps should be used to accomplish this in Journey Builder?

9. Northern Trail Outfitters is noticing a gradual decline in the percentage of conversions per emails sent in their digital marketing campaign. A new initiative is being adopted to reverse the trend.

What action should be taken to increase subscriber engagement? Choose 2 answers

10. A customer has several values that need to be used in the body of an email send:

* The data would be stored in a reference data extension, related on SubscriberKey.

* There may be one or more records for each subscriber.

* The audience is generally over 1 million subscribers.

* The content is time sensitive and should be sent as quickly as possible.

* The customer is not using "catch and release" sending.

* The reference data extension contains 25 columns.

Which method should be used?


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