Cisco ENCOR Exam 350-401 Exam Questions Updated – 100% Passing Study Guide

Cisco ENCOR Exam 350-401 Exam Questions Updated – 100% Passing Study Guide

When preparing for 350-401 Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR) certification exam, you can choose the updated materials from ITExamShop. Cisco ENCOR exam 350-401 exam questions updated by the top experts, who written the updated study guide with actual questions and answers to ensure that you can pass the Cisco ENCOR exam. Relying on ITExamShop 350-401 practice exam can help you get ready for your exam as they are made up of those questions that have already appeared in the previous exams and are believed to have high chances of appearing again in the coming exams.

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1. After a redundant route processor failure occurs on a Layer 3 device, which mechanism allows for packets to be forwarded from a neighboring router based on the most recent tables?

2. Refer to the exhibit.

A network engineer configures OSPF and reviews the router configuration.

Which interface or interfaces are able to establish OSPF adjacency?

3. Which technology does VXLAN use to provide segmentation for Layer 2 and Layer 3 traffic?

4. How does Protocol Independent Multicast function?

5. Which two southbound interfaces originate from Cisco DNA Center and terminate at fabric underlay switches? (Choose two)

6. What is the wireless received signal strength indicator?

7. What is a characteristic of MACsec?

8. A customer has completed the installation of a Wi-Fi 6 greenfield deployment at their new campus. They want to leverage Wi-Fi 6 enhanced speeds on the trusted employee WLAN. To configure the employee WLAN, which two Layer 2 security policies should be used? (Choose two)

9. Which two methods are used to reduce the AP coverage area? (Choose two)

10. What is a benefit of deploying an on-premises infrastructure versus a cloud infrastructure deployment?


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