Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA Certification 200-301 Practice Exam

Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA Certification 200-301 Practice Exam

As before, CCNA contains a series of specialized certifications. After upgraded, 200-301 exam is the only one which help you to be a Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA certified. CCNA certification 200-301 exam mainly validates your skills and knowledge in network fundamentals, network access, IP connectivity, IP services, security fundamentals, and automation and programmability. When decide to take 200-301 exam, you can choose the perfect CCNA certification 200-301 practice exam as your online study guide. Before choosing the 200-301 CCNA practice exam, just check Cisco 200-301 free demo online first.

Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA 200-301 Free Exam Demo

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1. What are two benefits of network automation? (Choose two)

2. Which command enables a router to become a DHCP client?

3. Which design element is a best practice when deploying an 802.11b wireless infrastructure?

4. When configuring IPv6 on an interface, which two IPv6 multicast groups are joined? (Choose two)

5. Which option about JSON is true?

6. Which IPv6 address type provides communication between subnets and cannot route on the Internet?

7. Which command prevents passwords from being stored in the configuration as plaintext on a router or switch?

8. What are two southbound APIs? (Choose two)

9. Which set of action satisfy the requirement for multifactor authentication?

10. Which two capacities of Cisco DNA Center make it more extensible? (Choose two)


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