Cisco Certified DevNet Associate Certification Program 200-901 DEVASC Test Questions

Cisco Certified DevNet Associate Certification Program 200-901 DEVASC Test Questions

200-901 Developing Applications and Automating Workflows using Cisco Core Platforms (DEVASC) exam is the requirement of Cisco Certified DevNet Associate Certification. The DevNet Associate certification is your entry into a career in network automation, which validates your ability to implement basic network applications using Cisco platforms as a base, and to implement automation workflows across network, security, collaboration, and computing infrastructure. Come to get the real 200-901 DEVASC test questions as the preparation materials to complete the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification.

Test 200-901 DEVASC Free Demo Exam Questions Online Before Purchasing 200-901 Test Questions

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1. How is a branch called "my-bug-fix" started to develop a fix needed in a product?

2. On which network plane is routing protocol traffic handled?


Refer to the exhibit.

Fill in the blanks to complete the cURL command to the list of networks in the Meraki organization with an id of 384279060

4. Which Cisco DevNet resource allows access to products in a development lab to explore, learn, and build application that use Cisco APLs?

5. In the test-driven development model, what is changed after a test fails?

6. Which protocol runs over TCP port 22?

7. How does requesting a synchronous API operation differ from requesting an asynchronous API operation?

8. Which two query types does a client make to a DNS server? (Choose Two)

9. What is the purpose of a MAC address?

10. Refer to the exhibit.

Which two statement describe the configuration of the Ansible script is run? (Choose two.)


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