Cisco CCDE v3.0 400-007 Exam Questions – Super Study Materials for 400-007 Exam Online

Cisco CCDE v3.0 400-007 Exam Questions – Super Study Materials for 400-007 Exam Online

Cisco Certified Design Expert CCDE v3.0 certification exam 400-007 validates high-level design aspects as well as business requirements within the context of Enterprise network architectures. It contains 90-110 questions that focus on core Enterprise network architectures and technologies, and candidates will have 120 minutes to answer all these questions completely. With the assistance of ITExamShop’s Cisco CCDE v3.0 400-007 exam questions, you’ll be able to pass the Cisco Certified Design Expert CCDE v3.0 test on the first attempt.

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1. An architect designs a multi-controller network architecture with these requirements:

✑ Achieve fast failover to control traffic when controllers fail.

✑ Yield a short distance and high resiliency in the connection between the switches and the controller.

✑ Reduce connectivity loss and enable smart recovery to improve the SDN survivability.

✑ Improve connectivity by adding path diversity and capacity awareness for controllers.

Which control plane component of the multi-controller must be built to meet the requirements?

2. What advantage of placing the IS-IS layer 2 flooding domain boundary at the core Layer in a three-layer hierarchical network is true?

3. While designing a switched topology, in which two options is UplinkFast recommended? (Choose two)

4. You have been asked to design a high-density wireless network for a university campus.

Which two principles would you apply in order to maximize the wireless network capacity? (Choose two.)

5. Which two types of planning approaches are used to develop business-driven network designs and to facilitate the design decisions? (Choose two)

6. Company XYZ is redesigning their QoS policy. Some of the applications used by the company are real-time applications. The QoS design must give these applications preference in terms of transmission.

Which QoS strategy can be used to fulfill the requirement?

7. A network design includes a long signaling delay in notifying the Layer 3 control plane that an interface has failed.

Which two of these actions would reduce that delay? (Choose two.)

8. SDWAN networks capitalize the usage of broadband Internet links over traditional MPLS links to offer more cost benefits to enterprise customers. However, due to the insecure nature of the public Internet, it is mandatory to use encryption of traffic between any two SDWAN edge devices installed behind NAT gateways.

Which overlay method can provide optimal transport over unreliable underlay networks that are behind NAT gateways?

9. Refer to the exhibit.

There are multiple trees in the Cisco FabricPath All switches in the Layer 2 fabric share the same view of each tree.

Which two concepts describe how the multicast traffic is load-balanced across this topology? (Choose two)

10. Refer to the exhibit.

Your company designed a network to allow server VLANs to span all access switches in a data center. In the design, Layer 3 VLAN interfaces and HSRP are configured on the aggregation switches.

Which two features improve STP stability within the network design? (Choose two.)


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