Certified SOC Analyst (CSA) Certification Exam Questions 312-39 Study Guide

Certified SOC Analyst (CSA) Certification Exam Questions 312-39 Study Guide

Are you familiar with the Certified SOC Analyst (CSA) certification exam? The Certified SOC Analyst (CSA) is one of the EC-Council certification exams, which is the first step to joining a security operations center (SOC). The 312-39 exam is available for the CSA certification, which helps the candidate acquire trending and in-demand technical skills through instruction by some of the most experienced trainers in the industry. 312-39 study guide, which was created by the top team of ITExamShop, are based on the actual 312-39 exam objectives, so we can be sure that the 312-39 ertified SOC Analyst (CSA) exam questions could be the best study guide for 100% passing. It is best to get started preparationon time with the valid EC-Council 312-39 exam questions.

Certified SOC Analyst (CSA) 312-39 Free Questions Are Below For Checking

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1. Which of the following tool is used to recover from web application incident?

2. Where will you find the reputation IP database, if you want to monitor traffic from known bad IP reputation using OSSIM SIEM?

3. According to the Risk Matrix table, what will be the risk level when the probability of an attack is very high, and the impact of that attack is major?

NOTE: It is mandatory to answer the question before proceeding to the next one.

4. According to the forensics investigation process, what is the next step carried out right after collecting the evidence?

5. David is a SOC analyst in Karen Tech. One day an attack is initiated by the intruders but David was not able to find any suspicious events.

This type of incident is categorized into?

6. Sam, a security analyst with INFOSOL INC., while monitoring and analyzing IIS logs, detected an event matching regex /\w*((%27)|(’))((%6F)|o|(%4F))((%72)|r|(%52))/ix.

What does this event log indicate?

7. Which of the following data source can be used to detect the traffic associated with Bad Bot User-Agents?

8. Which of the following tool can be used to filter web requests associated with the SQL Injection attack?

9. Which of the following command is used to view iptables logs on Ubuntu and Debian distributions?

10. In which of the following incident handling and response stages, the root cause of the incident must be found from the forensic results?


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