Certified Pega System Architect (PCSA) Version 8.7 Exam PEGAPCSA87V1 Practice Questions and Answers

Certified Pega System Architect (PCSA) Version 8.7 Exam PEGAPCSA87V1 Practice Questions and Answers

Students want to earn the Certified Pega System Architect (PCSA) certification to show a baseline measurement of their knowledge of the Pega Platform. Currently, there are two paths to complete the Certified Pega System Architect (PCSA) certification:

  • Pegasystems PCSA Version 8.6 PEGAPCSA86V1 (Retiring On September 30, 2022)
  • Pegasystems PCSA Version 8.7 PEGAPCSA87V1

It is highly recommended to complete the Pegasystems Certified Pega System Architect (PCSA) Version 8.7 exam to complete the certification. We have new PEGAPCSA87V1 practice questions and answers for helping you prepare for the Pega Certified System Architect (PCSA) 87V1 exam well.

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1. Before development, your team creates a spreadsheet with work items to populate the backlog. All work items that describe business requirements are prioritized as Must have.

You also create work items to address:

♦ A future enhancement request to group a set of existing steps into a multistep form

♦ A drop-down list that is missing one of the required options ― This work item is in progress because the missing option prevents work from being done

How do you populate the backlog directly from the spreadsheet?

2. Based on security factors, which two options are considered strong passwords? (Choose Two)

3. An order form provides four options from which customers select one option.

According to best practice, which of the following two UI control types can be used to minimize clutter on the order form? (Choose Two)

4. You are designing a medical claim case type and have the following requirement: Medical claims must be resolved within 5 days. To meet this requirement you need to set the___________in the service level to 5 days.

5. In a claims application customers can file home insurance claims. Each claims contains a list of items of loss. Depending on the situation, some claims… investigated for potential fraud in parallel to the actual claim process.

Which two case types do you create to support this scenario? (Choose two.)

6. Which requirement is fulfilled by configuration a field value?

7. A life insurance company has satellite offices in various countries. Each satellite office has a work queue. Company policy requires that life insurance underwriting be assigned to offices based on the policy owner's residential address.

Which routing approach supports this requirement?

8. A survey is sent to a customer via email.

How do you configure a solution to ensure the email includes the case ID for the survey?

9. What is the relationship between pyWorkPage and case data?

10. Which issue do you address by simulating a data source?


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