Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge CCAK Exam Questions – Great CCAK Practice Exam [2022]

Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge CCAK Exam Questions – Great CCAK Practice Exam [2022]

Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge CCAK, as the first-ever, technical, vendor-neutral credential for cloud auditing, will fill a gap in the industry for competent technical professionals who can help organizations mitigate risks and optimize ROI in the cloud. Great CCAK practice exam witten by ITExamShop come with actual exam questions and verified answers, which will be your preparation materials for passing ISACA CCAK exam smoothly. ITExamShop assured your success in the CCAK Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge real exam on your first attempt if you act upon the actual CCAK exam questions of ITExamShop, the professional guide, and study CCAK questions and answers with enough time.

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1. A cloud customer configured and developed a solution on top of the certified cloud services. Building on top of a compliant CSP:

2. When a client’s business process ch be updated.

B. not be reviewed, but the cloud contract should be cancelled immediately.

C. not be reviewed as the SLA cannot be updated.

D. be reviewed and updated if required.

3. Which of the following quantitative measures is KEY for an auditor to review when assessing the implementation of continuous auditing of performance on a cloud system?

4. How should controls be designed by an organization?

5. Supply chain agreements between CSP and cloud customers should, at minimum, include:

6. Your company is purchasing an application from a vendor. They do not allow you to perform an on-site audit on their information system. However, they say, they will provide the third-party audit attestation on the adequate control design within their environment.

Which report is the vendor providing you?

7. Which of the following would be considered as a factor to trust in a cloud service provider?

8. Cloud Control Matrix (CCM) controls can be used by cloud customers to:

9. Which of the following is an example of integrity technical impact?

10. Which of the following BEST ensures adequate restriction on the number of people who can access the pipeline production environment?


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