Best Adobe Certification AD0-E328 Test Questions: Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Exam Passed

Best Adobe Certification AD0-E328 Test Questions: Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Exam Passed

The candidates who are seeking to become Adobe Campaign Classic Architect certified at a minimum have at least 3 years of Adobe Campaign Classic experience, including extensive experience with installation, security and access management, systems integrations, and data modelling and ETL processes. Also, they can choose the best Adobe certification AD0-E328 test questions from ITExamShop. The ITExamShop AD0-E328 exam questions are the latest and valid. The professional team work together and share their expertise to maintain the top standard of AD0-E328 exam practice test. So you can get trust on AD0-E328 test questions and start preparing today.

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1. Refer to the exhibit.

A customer calls for urgent support.

Their Adobe Campaign instance is running slowly and marketing workflows are taking a long time to execute the Architect finds.

✑ 50 workflow are running concurrently ✑ 24 workflows are stuck in pending state

✑ Workflows are scheduled to be executed at the same time every day

What should the Architect recommend?

2. A customer is migrating its legacy marketing platform with Adobe Campaign.

The customer has dependencies on a few significant custom database functions that enabled specific string manipulations and custom encryption.

While developing workflow, the team struggle to match these functions that the customer was able to use prior to Adobe Campaign.

What should the Architect recommend?

3. A customer launches a Campaign with multiple touch points. Some deliveries are stuck in Pending Personalization’’ for more than 3 hours. The recipient broad log records have not been created for these deliveries yet.

What should the Architect analyze to diagnose the cause of this issue?

4. A customer reports that the campaign workflows are not running. When restarting or starting workflows the status changes to as Start/Restart requested and the Start. Pause buttons are disabled.

The Architect notices that all process are running as expected in the Monitoring Tab.

What is causing the issue?

5. A campaign workflow has been configured to query recipients that have received deliveries and clicked on a link in the past 90 days.

Delivery history will be retrieved from boardLOgRop and click history from trackingLogRcp:

The data volumes for both tables are increasing by an average of 10 million per month.

Which two recommendations should the Architect make? (Choose two.)

6. A technical Architect is setting up the data model for a new Adobe Campaign implementation.

The customer wants to set up personalized birthday campaign and has the following fields in the source database table.

* First_Name

* Age

* Social_Security

* Upload_Data

* DateOyBirth

Which two fields should be included in Campaign data mode? (Choose two.)


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