Best 4A0-C02 Exam Questions – Complete Nokia SRA Composite Exam Successfully

Best 4A0-C02 Exam Questions – Complete Nokia SRA Composite Exam Successfully

Nokia SRA Composite Exam 4A0-C02 is a single, integrated exam which combines the four required individual exams for SRA certification including:

  • Nokia Border Gateway Protocol for Internet Routing (4A0-102)
  • Nokia Virtual Private LAN Services (4A0-105)
  • Nokia Virtual Private Routed Networks (4A0-106)
  • Nokia Quality of Service (4A0-107)

While planning for taking 4A0-C02 exam, preparing 4A0-C02 exam with the best 4A0-C02 exam questions is highly recommended, which contain real questions and precise answers to help candidates complete Nokia SRA Composite Exam successfully. Learning Nokia 4A0-C02 practice exam questions and answers with ITExamShop pdf file, you’ll be able to have certain or even greater possibilities for oneself in passing Nokia certification 4A0-C02 exam.

First come to check Nokia SRA Composite Exam 4A0-C02 free questions:

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1. What kind of BGP attribute is the Local Preference?

2. Which of the following regarding the atomic aggregate attribute is TRUE?

3. Assuming that "client1" and "client2" are directly-connected networks, what is the result of executing the following BGP policy?

4. Which of the following is NOT considered an option of export policies?

5. Click the exhibit.

Router R1 is advertising prefix with community "no-export.

Which routers will receive an update for that prefix?

6. Click the exhibit.

Assume all router-IDs are properly configured, and IPv6 link-local addresses are used to establish all eBGP sessions.

Given the following iBGP configuration on router A, what is the Next Hop for prefix 2001:DB8:A:401::1/128 on router B?

7. An Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR receives a route from an eBGP peer without a MED.

What MED value is sent to iBGP peers?

8. Which of the following routes is NOT considered an internal route?

9. Click the exhibit.

Considering that both routers C and D are advertising the eBGP learned prefix into ISP X, which of the following best describes the route advertisement within ISP X?

10. Which of the following AS Paths will match the regular expression "65100."?


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