Become Okta Certified To Validate Your Knowledge And Skills

Become Okta Certified To Validate Your Knowledge And Skills

There are two Okta certification exams available:

  • Okta Certified Administrator Certification Exam
  • Okta Certified Professional Certification Exam

You are encouraged to become Okta certified to validate your knowledge and skills. Also, being Okta certified can confirm you are a leader and expert in identity and access management and set yourself up for career and financial success. Additionally, differentiate yourself from other candidates for in-demand, high paying jobs. This article will introduce you all the Okta certification exams.

Okta certifications are divided into two categories, including Okta Workforce Identity Certifications and Okta Customer Identity Certification. And there are three exams under the Okta Workforce Identity Certifications and one exam under Okta Customer Identity certification.

Okta Workforce Identity Certifications

There are three levels under the Okta Workforce Identity Certifications, including Level 1: Professional, Level 2: Administrator, and Level 3: Consultant.

Level 1: Professional Okta Certified Professional

Level 1: Professional Okta Certified Professional certification processes knowledge about secure identity management and mobility concepts. To be an Okta Certified Professional certified, you will prove that you have hands-on experience completing day-to-day operational tasks to support users of the Okta service. Holders have familiarity with Okta technology and processes related to simple directory integration, single-sign on federation, and application provisioning aspects of User Life Cycle Management.

To achieve this certification, you must pass the Okta Certified Professional Exam. Real Okta Certified Professional exam has 60 questions which are required to answer in 90 minutes. Okta Certified Professional exam questions as the best study materials, contains 118 practice exam questions and answers for enough learning the Level 1 Okta professional exam.

Level 2: Administrator

The level 2 certification is the administrator to be technically proficient at managing the Okta service. Earning the Okta Certification Administrator certification, the candidates must pass both the Okta Professional Exam and the Okta Administrator Exam. The holders have extensive knowledge about how Okta enables advanced User Lifecycle Management scenarios involving mobile devices, security policy frameworks, supported SSO options, and advanced directory integration for cloud and on-premise access. Administrators use the Okta Policy framework to control user access, understand how to map identity attributes and data transformations using Universal Directory, and troubleshoot issues.

Real Okta Certified Administrator exam also has 60 exam Q&As. Okta Certified Administrator practice exam have been released with 132 Q&As to be helpful materials for Level 2 Okta Certification Administrator certification.

Level 3: Consultant

Go on to complete Level 3: Consultant certification now. Why choose to be a Okta Certified Consultant certified? You can get benefits as listed:

  • Okta Certified Consultants are technically proficient at implementing the Okta service in a variety of configurations.
  • Okta Certified Consultants have experience integrating common applications, such as, Office 365, G Suite, Box, and Salesforce with Okta.
  • Okta Certified Consultants also have extensive knowledge and experience scoping and implementing complex Okta integrations involving multi-forest and multi-domain environments, advanced single sign-on (SSO), and inbound federation with Okta.
  • Consultants have working knowledge of Okta APIs and custom configuration options.

To complete the level 3, you must pass the Okta Certified Professional Exam, the Okta Certified Administrator Exam and the Okta Consultant Exam.

Okta Customer Identity Certification

Only one exam belows the Okta Customer Identity certification, it is Okta Certified Developer. What can an Okta Certified Developer do after complete Okta Certified Developer certification?

  • Okta developers are technically proficient at building secure, seamless experiences using Okta APIs and SDKs.
  • Developers have experience working with RESTful APIs and developing web applications.
  • Developers have general understanding of authentication and authorization standards such as OpenID Connect (OIDC) and OAuth, as well as how Okta supports these standards for building authentication, flexible authorization, and role-base access control.
  • Also, developers have experience configuring authorization with API Access Management and implementing Single Sign-On (SSO) with OIDC.
  • More, Developers have working knowledge of Okta Lifecycle Management and administrative APIs.

Different from other three Okta certification exams, the Okta Certified Developer exam contains two parts, the part 1 contains 45 multiple choice questions and part II contains four performance-based hands-on use cases. The total time should be 150 munutes.


Okta certifications and all the Okta exams are popular. Currently, we have learning materials for two Okta certification exams, including Okta Certified Professional Certification Exam and Okta Certified Administrator certification exam. You can choose the recommended materials to prepare for the wish Okta certification exams.

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