AWS Certified Developer – Associate Certification DVA-C01 Practice Exam

AWS Certified Developer – Associate Certification DVA-C01 Practice Exam

As an associate exam, DVA-C01 AWS Certified Developer – Associate exam is intended for individuals who perform a development role and have one or more years of hands-on experience developing and maintaining an AWS-based application. Most candidates are pursuing to be an AWS Certified Developer – Associate certified. So they always want to get the valuable practice exam to prepare for DVA-C01 exam well. It is highly recommended to choose the AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification DVA-C01 practice exam. We have cracked the actual exam questions in DVA-C01 pdf file, which are the great materials for learning. Just choose the great online resource as the preparation materials for learning and preparing DVA-C01 exam.

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1. Rebuild the environment with the new load balancer type.

2. Queries to an Amazon DynamoDB table are consuming a large amount of read capacity. The table has a significant number of large attributes. The application does not need all of the attribute data.

How can DynamoDB costs be minimized while maximizing application performance?

3. A Developer wants to use AWS X-Ray to trace a user request end-to-end throughput the software stack. The Developer made the necessary changes in the application tested it, and found that the application is able to send the traces to AWS X-Ray. However, when the application is deployed to an EC2 instance, the traces are not available.

Which of the following could create this situation? (Select two.)

4. A developer Is designing an AWS Lambda function that create temporary files that are less than 10 MB during execution. The temporary files will be accessed and modified multiple times during execution. The developer has no need to save or retrieve these files in the future.

Where should the temporary file be stored?

5. A Developer is writing a REST service that will add items to a shopping list. The service is built on Amazon API Gateway with AWS Lambda integrations. The shopping list items are send as query string parameters in the method request.

How should the Developer convert the query string parameters to arguments for the Lambda function?

6. A Developer wants to encrypt new objects that are being uploaded to an Amazon S3 bucket by an application. There must be an audit trail of who has used the key during this process. There should be no change to the performance of the application.

Which type of encryption meets these requirements?

7. A Developer has developed a web application and wants to deploy it quickly on a Tomcat

server on AWS. The Developer wants to avoid having to manage the underlying infrastructure.

What is the easiest way to deploy the application, based on these requirements?

8. A company is building a compute-intensive application that will run on a fleet of Amazon EC2 instances. The application uses attached Amazon EBS disks for storing data. The application will process sensitive information and all the data must be encrypted.

What should a developer do to ensure the data is encrypted on disk without impacting performance?

9. A Developer is creating an application that needs to locate the public IPv4 address of the Amazon EC2 instance on which it runs .

How can the application locate this information?

10. Which of the following are good use cases for how Amazon ElastiCache can help an application? (Select TWO.)


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