ArcGIS Desktop Professional EADP19-001 Exam Questions – Valid For Your EADP19-001 Exam Preparation

ArcGIS Desktop Professional EADP19-001 Exam Questions – Valid For Your EADP19-001 Exam Preparation

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1. For a project, an ArcGlS user creates a custom user interface form to allow data entry and editing directly with the database. This form must be available within ArcMap and also as a stand-alone tool.

How can this custom form be made available within ArcMap?

2. An ArcGlS user receives two shapefiles that are defined with the same projection and represent features in the same study area. When they are displayed together in ArcMap. the difference of their locations in coordinate space is so large that they are barely visible when viewed at their full extent.

How can the user determine whether the projections of the shapefiles are correctly defined?

3. Refer to the exhibit.

An ArcGIS user added a new street (shown in the exhibit) to a streets feature class within an edit session.

The new street seems to have snapped to an existing street but upon zooming in the ArcGIS user notices that the street is connected to the wrong street.

What is the most likely reason for this error?

4. In the value for the latitude of origin in a projection tile is modified, making the value less negative (e.g. from -45 to -28).

Which way does the data move?

5. In the Feature Class to Feature Class tool which parameter allows an ArcGlS user to manipulate attributes to be included the output feature class table?

6. An ArcGIS user needs to create a map of flood zones for an insurance company.

The user has a choice of four elevation data sets to perform the analysis

• SRTM 90-meter DEM

• Lidar 5-meter DEM

• 30-meter DEM derived from stereo imagery

Which type of elevation dataset will create the most accurate flood zones?

7. An ArcGlS user has high-resolution single-band data and another raster datasetthat is multiband with lower resolution.

Which process is used to convert the single-band data to multi-band, while retaining its resolution?

8. An ArcGIS user needs to classify 25 different vegetation types. The user has a single band.

20- meter resolution image with 10-meter spatial accuracy.

Which type of accuracy is the data lacking?

9. An ArcGIS user is making a map and needs to symbolize cliff and escarpment features above contour features.

How can the features be ordered correctly if they are all in the same layer?

10. Four emergency response facilities need to be placed so that the greatest number of people in a community can be reached within five minutes.

Which analysis method is used to make this determination?


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