Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Commerce Developer AD0-E703 Practice Exam

Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Commerce Developer AD0-E703 Practice Exam

When choosing AD0-E703 practice exam from ITExamShop, you need to know the new full name of AD0-E703 is Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Commerce Developer, because the Magento certification credentials were recently integrated into the Adobe Credentialing ecosystem. As a result the framework and names of Magento credential names have been changed to align with Adobe’s credentialing framework and naming conventions. AD0-E703 practice exam come with actual exam questions and answers, covering the AD0-E703 exam objectives and scopes. The exam questions in pdf file are written by the professional team, who have full confidence to help you complete AD0-E703 Adobe certification exam.

Adobe Commerce Developer Exam AD0-E703 Free Questions Are Online

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1. What are two functions of a resource model? (Choose two.)

2. There are two different configurable products which both share one variation. The shared variation is represented by the same simple product.

A customer added both configurables to the cart with the same selected variation?

How will they be displayed?

3. You need to add the Google Tag Manager (GTM) to every page.

What three steps do you take to accomplish this in MyCompany_MyModule?

4. A merchant requires the ability to configure contact information for their brick and mortar stores as a CSV file upload. The module already exists and contains an etc/adminhtml/system.xml file where the new field can be added.

How do you specify the class that will process the uploaded file?

5. As you are scanning folder in the vendor/module-catalog directory, you see a directory that is named Ui.

What is this folder's purpose?

6. How many shipping addresses may be selected for an order during the checkout process?

7. You have created a module controller that responds to the following URL:


Which two methods will load the product model by ID as specified in the URL? (Choose two.)

8. A custom module needs to log all calls of MagentoCustomerApiAddressRepositoryInterface::save().

Which mechanism do you use?

9. The module MyCompany_MyModule provides custom admin interface pages.

Access to these pages should only be granted to specific users.

You add the required configuration to the module’s acl.xml file, but the setting does not seem to work as expected.

How do you visually check if Magento evaluates your ACL resource as expected?

10. Your module adds a new controller class which will return a JSON response.

What will be the return type of the execute method?


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