Administration Essentials for New Admins Exam ADM-201 Test Questions

Administration Essentials for New Admins Exam ADM-201 Test Questions

Come to take and pass Administration Essentials for New Admins exam ADM-201 now. ADM-201 exam is for new administrators, which is the core training for Salesforce certification. The comprehensive ADM-201 test questions are worth buying. With the valid ADM-201 exam questions and answers, you can pass Administration Essentials for New Admins Exam successfully. Come to ITExamShop to choose the ADM-201 pdf file and free engine to read the ADM-201 Q&As carefully.

Also, we have Salesforce ADM-201 free questions as the demo for checking online.

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1. The sales manager at Cloud Kicks approves time off for their employees. They asked the administrator to ensure these requests are seen and responded to by a backup manager while the sales manager is out on vacation.

What should the administrator use to fulfill the requirement?

2. Northern Trail Outfitters has two sales groups. Each group has its own unique sales process. Management wants to ensure that the sales groups see their relevant sales process when working on opportunities.

How should an administrator meet this requirement?

3. DreamHome Realty just announced its new Home Concierge offering. This product is unlike anything the company has offered in the past and follows a different business model.

What should the administrator configure to meet this requirement?

4. An administrator is on a tight deadline to create dashboards for the sales and marketing teams at AW Computing.

What should the administrator do to meet the deadline without increasing the budget?

5. What should an administrator consider when setting up Case Feed?

6. Ursa Major Solar (UMS) wants to assign a Lightning for Outlook layout.

Which two options can UMS assign this layout to? Choose 2 answers

7. A sales rep has left the company and an administrator has been asked to re-assign all their accounts and opportunities to a new sales rep and keep the teams as is.

Which tool should an administrator use to accomplish this?

8. In which two ways can users access Salesforce from their mobile devices'? Choose 2 answers

9. Users at Universal Containers need the ability to save email templates in the following folder:

Unfiled Public Email Templates''

Currently, users are unable to do so.

Which action should an administrator take to allow users to save emails to this folder?

10. What are the defaults for Org wide Default (OWO) and Profile permissions for all Profiles that have View All Data or Modify All Data disabled on a custom object?


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