ACP-Cloud1 Alibaba Cloud ACP Exam Questions Real ACP-Cloud1 Study Guide Online

ACP-Cloud1 Alibaba Cloud ACP Exam Questions Real ACP-Cloud1 Study Guide Online

ACP Cloud Computing Certification is designed for those familiar to cloud computing and with a rich operational knowledge of Alibaba Cloud products covering a spectrum of Alibaba Cloud core services, including architecture, networking, cloud security, and best practices. Real ACP-Cloud1 Study Guide Online provided by ITExamShop contain valid ACP-Cloud1 Alibaba Cloud ACP Exam Questions and Answers could be your best preparation materials to help you test the ability of the Alibaba Cloud core services. We ensure that to provide our consumers leading ACP-Cloud1 real exam questions and get their reviews to enhance our own selves. Attempt out ITExamShop ACP-Cloud1 study guide with actual questions and answers goods for passing ACP-Cloud1 test.

ACP-Cloud1 Free Questions Are Online To Help You Check The Real ACP-Cloud1 Study Guide

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1. Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) is a cloud storage service that features massive capacity, outstanding security, low costs, and high reliability. In an OSS bucket, all elements are stored as________.

2. If you want to build a secure and isolated network environment on Alibaba Cloud; meanwhile, design your network topology and specify Intranet IP addresses or CIDR Blocks in this network environment as needed, you can choose

3. Many of Alibaba Cloud services provide highlyreliable data storage capacity.For example, Object Storage Service (OSS) promises that its data reliability is no less than 99 99999999%. This high data reliability is solely achieved by RAID 0+1 redundancy technology.

4. SLB is a load balancing service that distributes traffic to multiple cloud servers It provides a wide range of functions to meet the needs of various business scenarios If a user wants to use SLB and ECS instances to deploy two-way authenticated HTTPS websites, the following statement is correct_______.

5. When creating an ECS instance in your Alibaba Cloud VPC, you must specify a VSwitch for that instance at the same time. Otherwise, you will not be able to create this ECS instance.

6. By using ApsaraDB for RDS to implement read/write splitting, which of the following can be achieved? (Number of correct answers 2)

7. Different Alibaba Cloud VPCs are completely isolated from each other.

By default, the VPCs cannot communicate with each other over Intranet, but you can establish VPN connections via the Internet to achieve interconnection between VPCs.

8. For ECS and RDS instances under different Alibaba Cloud accounts but in the same region, which of the following statements is NOT correct for migrating self-built MySQL databases (running on ECS) to RDS?

9. All RDS for MySQL backups are full backups.


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