ACA Developer Certification ACA-Developer Latest Study Guide With Real Q&AS

ACA Developer Certification ACA-Developer Latest Study Guide With Real Q&AS

ACA Developer Certification ACA-Developer exam is the associate level of Alibaba Cloud Developer certification, which is designed for individuals who hold development positions and use Alibaba Cloud products to manage and maintain Alibaba Cloud-based applications. Studying ACA Developer certification with the latest ACA-Developer study guide is recommend. Come to ITExamShop to download ACA-Developer exam questions and answers in pdf file that you can be well-prepared ACA Developer certification exam.

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1. Serverless Workflow allows you to orchestrate distributed tasks in sequence, branch, and parallel modes, and ensure that tasks are reliably coordinated according to your workflow logic.

Which of the following service integration modes is not supported by Serverless Workflow?

2. Assume that a company uses ApsaraDB for PolarDB. The company commonly queries users based on their basic information, including: addresses, company names, and ID numbers.

In this scenario, what is the best practice for creating a database index (or indexes)?

3. A certain project of Enterprise A (called Project-X) moves to the cloud and will need to use a variety of s Alibaba Cloud resources, such as ECS instances, RDS instances, SLB instances, and OSS storage space. There are multiple employees on the project who need to operate these cloud resources.

Because each employee has different job responsibilities and requires different permissions, what is the WRONG approach to resource management?

4. Which of the following options is not included in Object Storage Service (OSS) object URLs?

5. Which of the following statements are correct, with regard to Alibaba Cloud Log Service? (Number of correct answers: 3)

6. What are the benefits of creating indexes on PolarDB? (Number of correct answers: 2)

7. To meet data analytics requirements on large datasets, which of these databases can meet the demand for structured and semi-structured storage for almost all types of data, albeit with limited support for strong transactions?

8. Which of the following database connection methods does ApsaraDB for Redis support? (Number of correct answers: 2)

9. you have a Node.js based application and you plan to migrate it to Alibaba Cloud Function Compute, which of the following steps is unnecessary?

10. A Developer is asked to implement a caching layer in front of RDS. Cached content is expensive to regenerate in case of service failure.

Which implementation below would work while maintaining maximum uptime?


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