ACA Database Certification Exam Alibaba Cloud ACA-Database Exam Questions

ACA Database Certification Exam Alibaba Cloud ACA-Database Exam Questions

Completing ACA Database Certification exam ACA-Database can prove that you have mastered the core functions and applicable skills of Alibaba Cloud database products and can obtain better employment opportunities in Alibaba Cloud ecosystem. Real ACA-Database exam questions come with actual answers written by the top experts, all the ACA-Database questions and answers are created according to the ACA-Database exam objectives and cover all those topics that are to be evaluated in the exam. The features that make ITExamShop ACA Database Certification ACA-Database exam questions worth buying and completely beneficial in passing ACA Database Certification.

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1. Which of the following features determines high performance of the performance-enhanced instances of ApsaraDB for Redis Enhanced Edition (Tair)?

2. Which of the following is the lowest recovery point objective (RPO) for Database Backup Service?

3. If a database exception occurs in a PolarDB cluster because important data is deleted by mistake, how i can data be restored?

4. You are using DTS to migrate from a MySQL database installed on an ECS instance to a target

database on RDS.

In the DTS console, which of these is the correct "Instance Type" for the database?

5. Which database utility is used for data migration and synchronization?

6. Which of the following statements about MongoDB is NOT true?

7. Which of the following is the high-availability service level that is specified in the ApsaraDB RDS Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

8. Which of the following architectures are supported by ApsaraDB for Redis Enhanced Edition (Tair)? (Number of correct answers: 3)

9. Suppose you are using MySQL currently, if you want to migrate to cloud native database PolarDB with little effort, which one is the best choice?


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