3V0-21.21 Exam Questions and Answers – Pass 3V0-21.21 VMware VCAP-DCV Design 2021 Exam Smoothly

3V0-21.21 Exam Questions and Answers – Pass 3V0-21.21 VMware VCAP-DCV Design 2021 Exam Smoothly

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Below Are Free Questions For Checking Updated 3V0-21.21 Exam Questions and Answers

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1. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) at an organization raises concerns that their virtual infrastructure environment is vulnerable. Recently, a security-related issue with a virtual machine caused all management services to become unavailable. No budget is available in the short term for additional platform investment.

An architect is asked to review the current environment and make recommendations to mitigate concerns.

A virtualization administrator has provided the following details:

✑ There is a single four node cluster of ESXi servers

✑ There are two, Layer 2, physical network switches connecting resources

✑ The data center network is presented as a single /16 subnet

Given the information provided, which functional requirement should the architect include in the design to mitigate the COOs concerns?

2. A customer has six hosts available in a cluster. When running at full capacity, all virtual machines can be run on two hosts.

How many hosts can the customer place into maintenance mode at the same time while still providing N+2 resiliency to the cluster?

3. An architect is designing storage for a new vSphere environment to meet the following requirements:

✑ Asynchronous replication is required between two sites.

✑ The impact on the storage layer should not impact the performance of the compute layer.

✑ Each application tier will require different replication attributes.

✑ Virtual machine live migration across compute and storage must be supported.

✑ Virtual machine aware back up will be leveraged.

✑ Operational management overhead should be minimized.

✑ Operational automation should be supported.

Which storage design recommendations would meet the requirements?

4. 1.An architect is designing an environment for a retail customer. The design will use a single small vCenter Server Appliance and a cluster of eight ESXi hosts at a remote site. There is a single 10 GbE connected network at the remote site to support all management services. It is not possible to create additional management networks at the remote site. Virtual machine backups at the site will be dependent on the vCenter Server being available.

Which design decision should the architect make to maximize availability for backups?

5. An architect is designing a VMware solution for a customer based on the following information:

✑ The solution must use investments in existing storage array that supports both block and file storage.

✑ The solution must support the ability to migrate workloads between hosts within a cluster.

✑ The solution must support resource management priorities.

✑ The solution must support the ability to connect virtual machines directly to LUNs.

✑ The solution should use existing IPv4 based network infrastructure.

✑ There is no budget for additional physical hardware.

Which two design decisions could the architect make to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

6. An architect is preparing a design for a company planning digital transformation. During the requirements gathering workshop, the following requirements (REQ) and constraints (CON) are identified:

✑ REQ01 The platform must host different types of workloads including applications that must be compliant with internal security standard.

✑ REQ02 The infrastructure must initially run 100 virtual machines.

✑ REQ03 Ten of the virtual machines must be compliant with internal security standard.

✑ REQ04 The internal security standard specifies logical network separation for in-scope applications.

✑ CON01 The customer has already purchased the licenses as part of another


✑ CON02 The customer has five physical servers that must be reused.

Additionally, based on resource requirements, four physical servers will be enough to run all workloads .

Which recommendation should the architect make to meet requirements while minimizing project costs?

7. During a transformation project kick-off meeting, an architect highlights specific areas on which to focus while developing the new conceptual design.

Which two of the listed statements are business requirements? (Choose two.)

8. Which two of the listed requirements would be classified as manageability non-functional requirements? (Choose two.)

9. The storage team at an organization is planning to migrate from an older Fibre Channel storage environment to a new environment using IP-based storage.

Which two switch features or characteristics are appropriate for IP storage networks? (Choose two.)

10. An architect is designing a new vSphere environment with the following resources:

✑ 600 vCPU

✑ 5,760 GB RAM

Average resource usage is:

✑ 60 vCPU

✑ 1,152 GB RAM

The design must meet the following requirements:

✑ The environment has the ability to burst by 25%.

✑ Each host can schedule 36 vCPUs and has 512 GB RAM.

✑ Management overhead is 20%.

What is the minimum number of hosts required to meet the design requirements?


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